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Researchers from the Neurosciences Area of the Sanitary Research Institute of the San Carlos Clinical Hospital have proven that cannabidiol improves the results of hypothermia for the treatment of brain injury due to asphyxia in newborns according to trials carried out in the pre-clinical phase for twelve years and which have been published in several scientific journals. The result of the investigations of this group, the only one in the world that has published results on cannabidiol as a treatment for neonatal brain injury of hypoxic-ischemic origin, “show in the pre-clinical phase that parenteral administration of cannabidiol after the episode reduces brain injury by 50% according toMRI and histological tests carried out, and up to 100% according to functional tests or neurological exploration, so it would improve or avoid later sequelae in those who suffer it,” says the researcher and head of the Neonatology Section of the Hospital Clínico San Carlos, José Antonio Martínez Orgado. But this trial needs funding to keep going. For this reason, crowfunding initiatives such as this one are being carried out:

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